DOCHEMA s.r.o.
Olomoucká 67/349
571 01 Moravská Třebová
tel./fax: + 420 461 312 725,
+ 420 461 318 074 

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The DOCHEMA s.r.o. company was established at the middle of 2003 like a succesor of association D&Z - CHEMIE, which has been acted in the branch of chemist industry since 1995. Its own production is based in the industrial quarter of Moravská Třebová at the road from Olomouc on the area of 15000 sq m. The production activities of the company include both liquid and powder programs. Major products are cleaning and degreasing agents, washing products and softeners, industrial degreasing agents, cosmetic products and superconcentrated products.

Within its dynamic development, the company is constantly expanding its own production site and modern technologies. Today the company owns a top production line for the production and packaging of powder products with maximum performance. Other technologies include lines for the production, filling, packaging, and labelling of liquid, gel, and paste products with the possibility of bottling, filling into pots, doses, etc. Since the start of production, there has not been mechanical copying of other producers' recipes, but there has been the development of company's own technological procedures and recipes. Where the company's own production capacity is not enough, the firm co-operates with research stations in the Czech Republic. As the The DOCHEMA s.r.o. company possesses its own development capacity, it can be very flexible in reacting to specific requirements of customers, and deliver products according to their wish in a form of private brands. Besides the DOCHEMA's own brands, this form of production is expanding very quickly.

The DOCHEMA s.r.o. company attempts to attract customers with perfect service, short delivery periods, quality, and wide assortment in several price levels. Constant expansion of the assortment is accompanied by packaging and label innovation with the utilisation of the most modern input materials for filling. All this is provided in high quality for low price which pleasantly surprises the customer. With the constant increasing of production, the company secures more and more advantageous conditions for the purchase of input materials and components necessary for the production. Last but not least, there is the rise of work productivity. Company's employees look forward to further co-operation.

Motto “Ideal products for your home”

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